Valve Backflow Preventer

Image provided by Apollo Valves

Backflow preventers protect against reversed flow caused by backpressure or backsiphonage. Backsiphonage occurs when the supply pressure drops below atmospheric pressure, thus creating a vacuum. Backpressure occurs when the supply pressure drops below the residual pressure in the downstream piping. Either of these conditions can result in backflow. When cross-connections or potential cross-connections exist, backflow can result in pollution or contamination of the potable water supply.

A double-check valve assembly may be used under continuous pressure and protect against both backsiphonage and back-pressure conditions. It consists of two single check valves coupled within one body and furnished with test cocks and two tightly-closing gate valves.

Double-check valves have a test capability feature that gives this device a big advantage over the use of two independent check valves. Double-check valves can be readily tested to determine that both valves are functioning properly and are not fouled by debris. Each check valve is spring-loaded closed, and requires approximately 1 psig of pressure to open. Spring loading provides the ability to "bite" through small debris and still maintain the seal. Spring loading is a protection feature not prevalent in unloaded swing check valves.

Double checks are commonly used to protect against low-to-medium hazard installations, such as in food-processing steam kettles and in apartment projects.

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