Valve Check

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Check valves automatically prevent the reversal of flow. Basic types of check valves are the swing check, lift check, and wafer design. There are several other types of check valves.

The swing check valve has a hinged disc, sometimes called a flapper, which swings on a hinge pin. When flow reverses, the pressure pushes the disc against a seat. When tight closure is required, one may choose a swing check valve with a flapper composition disc of rubber or Teflon rather than of metal. Swing check valves offer little resistance to flow. Check valve placement should be a minimum of 5 pipe diameters downstream from the pump discharge or other source of turbulence. Ball check valves work similar to a lift check valve, but can be installed in any position if the ball is spring loaded.

The lift check valve has a guided disc that is raised from the seat by upward flow pressure. Reversal of flow pushes the disc down against the seat, stopping backflow. Lift check valves have considerable resistance to flow, similar to that of a globe valve.

The wafer check valve is another common check valve, and fits between flanges in the same fashion as a butterfly valve. Wafer check valves are of two types: a dual flapper design that is hinged on a center post, and a single flapper design that is similar to the standard swing check valves. Wafer check valves are generally used in larger size piping (4-inch and up), as they are much lighter and less expensive than traditional flanged end swing check valves.

Diaphragm check valves use a rubber diaphragm that requires upstream pressure to open. When the pressure reduces below a certain point, the diaphragm automatically returns to the closed position.

A stop-check works like a normal check valve, but is also equipped with an external mechanism to close the valve regardless of the direction of flow.

Flow check valves are used in hydronic systems to prevent gravity flow, meaning the valve will open when pump pressure is available.


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