Valve Butterfly

Image provided by Victaulic

A butterfly valve has a wafer-shaped body with a thin rotating disc as the closing device. Like the ball valve, the butterfly operates with a one-quarter (90°) turn to fully open or fully close. Butterfly valves may also be used as balancing valves. The disc is always in the passageway, but since it is relatively thin, it offers little restriction to the flow. When the valve is closed, the disc edge fits tightly against a ring-shaped liner (seat).

Butterfly valves generally have one-piece bodies that fit sandwich style between two pipe flanges. The two most common body types are wafer body and lug body. The wafer body is placed between pipe flanges, and the flange bolts surround the valve body.

The lug body has protruding lugs that provide bolt holes matching those in the flanges. An advantage of the lug body type is that piping on one side of the valve may be disassembled while the valve remains bolted in place, allowing for the remainder of the system to continue in operation.

Another butterfly-valve design has an extended body for connections to grooved end piping. In this valve, the sealing member is the disc itself, which is fully encapsulated with a resilient material selected for the service conditions at hand. Butterfly valves continue to grow in popularity for a variety of reasons. Butterfly valves are lightweight, easy to install, low in cost, easy to actuate, easy to insulate, feature one-quarter turn operation, require less space (no rising stem), provide tight shutoff (due to resilient seal), and are made in a variety of construction materials.

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