Valve Ball

Image provided by Victaulic

A ball valve uses a ball with a hole through it as the opening/closing device and operates with a one-quarter (90°) turn similar to the plug valve. When the hole aligns with the pipe, flow is allowed. When turned 90°, the hole aligns perpendicular to the pipe and flow is prevented. The ball seals by fitting tightly against resilient seat rings on either side. Flow is straight through, and pressure loss depends on the size of the opening in the ball (port). Ball valves popular for on/off service (shut off valve).

Ball valves also make excellent control valves with many advantages over globe valves. A ball valve’s characteristics can be modified to any characteristic desired by inserting a “V-ball” with a “V” shaped hole instead of around hole.  They are easily adapted to power actuation and are generally less expensive than equivalent sizes of gate and globe valves.

Ball valves have three port sizes: standard, reduced, and full port. Standard port is generally one pipe size smaller than the valve size, reduced port is up to two sizes smaller, and full port has the same opening as the connecting pipe.

Ball valves are available in a variety of body types. A one-piece body, also called an end entry, is machined from solid bar stock material or is a one-piece casting. The ball is inserted into one end for assembly, and a body insert that acts as a seat ring is threaded against the ball. A two-piece body, also an end entry design, is the same as a one-piece valve except that the body insert is larger and acts as an end bushing. The three-piece body consists of a center body section containing the ball that fits between two body end pieces. The entire assembly is held together by two or more body bolts. The three-piece body design allows the valve to be repaired without disassembling surrounding piping.

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