Specialty Item Strainers & Suction Diffusers

Image provided by Victaulic

Strainers remove debris from the flow to reduce the risk of damage to equipment such as pumps, chillers and boilers. Suction diffusers are a specialized type of strainer used for direct attachment to certain pumping-equipment inlets where compact and accessible pipeline straining is desired.

Strainers are provided in two basic configurations, wye and tee. Wye strainers have a Y-shaped body with a strainer basket oriented at an angle. This design promotes flow of the debris out of the main water flow path for less obstruction and pressure drop during operation. Tee strainers feature a T-shaped body that orients the strainer basket 90° to the main flow. Tee strainers provide excellent flow characteristics and are typically lighter weight and more economical than wye strainers. Strainers can be provided with either grooved or flanged ends.

Regardless of the type of strainer used, both essentially function in the same way. A bonnet allows access to the strainers for cleaning and can be grooved or flanged/bolted. The bonnet is tapped and fitted with a ball valve to allow draining and “blow-down”. Blow-down is the process of opening the ball valve during operation to expel debris while the system is in operation. This is not a recommended substitute for complete removal and cleaning (“mucking out”) of the basket, but can be used periodically to assist performance.

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