Compressed Air: Copper

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Compressed air piping systems transport compressed air from air compressors to points of usage....

 Copper is a long lasting, corrosion resistant, lightweight and strong material that...

Benefit of Material to Systems Application

The characteristics of copper tubing make it an excellent choice for use in compressed air systems. Cleaned copper tubing also meets NFPA 99 requirements for medical gas systems allowing it to be used for oxygen service and other necessary compressed gasses. In certain corrosive environments, stainless steel may be preferable to copper. In projects where cost is an issue PVC, carbon steel, or galvanized steel may be considered.

System Application and Material Usage

Copper tubing is typically used on compressed air systems 2" and smaller.  Larger systems can incorporate the use of copper tubing provided the system requirements fall within the capabilities of the copper tubing.  Compressed air systems are typically installed with Type K or Type L tubing.  Joints may be soldered, brazed, roll grooved for use with a mechanical coupling, flanged, or other mechanical joining methods.

Typical system compressed air operating pressures are:              
    *  Medical and surgical – 50 psig
    *  High Pressure Instrument – 120 psig
    *  Laboratory – 30 psig         
    *  Dental- 90 psig
    *  Industrial varies with application

For additional information, reference the Copper Development Association (CDA) website.

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Applicable Joining Methods


 Flanging may be used for threaded or plain-end pipe. After a flange component is installed...
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Grooved pipe joints consist of two grooved pipe ends (typically roll grooved) connected with a...
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Press joining is a form of mechanical connection for copper and steel tubing which uses a press...
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Soldering copper pipe, or “sweating” as it is called in the trades, joins the pipe...
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