Material PEX Tubing

Cross-Linked Polyethylene (PEX) is a thermoset material made from medium or high density, cross-linkable polyethylene meeting the requirements of ASTM F876 and ASTM F877.  Important characteristics of PEX include resistance to high-temperature allowing for use with hot water, and its flexibility, which aids in installation. PEX tubing is manufactured by extrusion in sizes from ¼-inch through 6-inch diameter to copper tube size, outside diameter (CTS-OD) controlled dimensions. The wall thickness is based on Standard Dimension Ratio 9 (SDR 9) values. It is available in coils (up to 1000') and straight lengths (up to 20'). PEX finds applications in hot and cold potable water distribution, radiant heating systems, snow melt, water service, and fire suppression systems. For heating applications, some PEX tubing is manufactured with an oxygen barrier layer that reduces corrosion in the boiler system equipment.  

PEX can be used in temperature ranges up to 180°F in plumbing applications and up to 200°F in heating applications. It is tested for use with temperature and pressure relief valves set at 150 psi and 210°F.

As a general rule, fitting systems and installation tools used should be those recommended by the manufacturer of the tubing.  Manufacturers mark PEX tubing with the applicable fittings standards.  Each manufacturer will have directional and transitional fittings made to applicable standards and approved to be used on PEX tubing.  It is important to note that PEX tubing cannot be joined by using solvent-cements.  


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