Manufacturer and Supplier FabPro1

500 Walford Road, SW
Cedar Rapids, IA 52404

Phone: (844) 319-8228

FabPro1 is more than just a software. We are a team of fabrication professionals that have spent decades in the mechanical contracting and fabrication industries. FabPro1 began its journey through our vision and the vision of our partner in development, Modern Piping, Inc. While it was developed for one fabrication shop, we always kept in mind what would be best for the industry.

FabPro1 was created to fill a void in the fabrication and mechanical contracting industries. That void was an easy-to-use, portable, and industry focused software that could provide real-time status updates, valuable tracking and estimating information, all for a reasonable price.

FabPro1 is devoted to continually providing their clients the highest quality, most efficient, and most flexible fabrication management systems around. It was that same commitment that spurred us to bring FabPro1 out of Modern Piping’s fabrication facility and into your hands.