Manufacturer and Supplier Bes-Tech, Inc.

Bes-Tech, Inc.
6916 North 97th Circle
Omaha, NE 68122-3037

Phone: (402) 502-2340

Bes-Tech has been a leader in energy efficient building systems technologies since its creation in 2003. The company was founded on proven scientific engineering processes and technologies that reduce peak energy demand, minimize energy usage, and maximize energy efficiency.  Together, these innovative technologies and processes work to lower the carbon footprint of the built environment.   Our experienced engineering teams have a documented track record of utilizing our patented technologies to produce an average savings of 30% to 60% with a 2-3 year return on investment.  Since they are applicable to any building, our technologies and processes have been successfully installed in healthcare and industrial facilities, office and government buildings, retail environments, and at sites within the hospitality industry. Working hand-in-hand with power and energy providers, facility and building managers, energy management companies, and ESCO’s, Bes-Tech actively supports and sustains the energy community.