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F.W. Webb Company
160 Middlesex Turnpike
Bedford, MA 01730

Phone: (781) 272-6600
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F.W. Webb Company is a multi-faceted distributor of plumbing and heating, HVAC and controls, pipe valves and fittings, control valves and instrumentation, industrial pumps, high purity biopharmaceutical PVF, specialty plastic PVF, refrigeration products and safety relief valves. F.W. Webb Company has been in business since 1866 and its mission has been to give the customer the finest service with a constant eye on improvement and innovation.

Special Topics

Green Construction

F.W. Webb offers many piping, HVAC and plumbing products for green construction.


F.W. Webb offers products for hanging piping systems in applications where seismic restraint is necessary.

Available Materials For Piping Systems

Fiberglass-Reinforced Plastic (FRP) Pipe

Polyethylene (PE) Pipe

Available Joining Methods

Available Hangers and Supports

Applicable Valves

Available Fittings

Applicable Specialty Items