Manufacturer and Supplier MIFAB, Inc.

1321 West 119th Street
Chicago, IL 60643-5109

Phone: (800) 465-2736
Fax: (773) 341-3047

MIFAB is a manufacturer of seven different commercial plumbing product groups: 1) specification drainage and carriers, 2) grease, oil, solids, specialty and automatic recovery interceptors, 3) steel, stainless steel, fire rated, plastic and custom access doors, 4) pressure drop and electronic trap seal primers, 5) copper piston operated and bellows operated water hammer arrestors, 6) wall, ground and yard hydrants, and 7) polypropylene, steel and stainless steel trench drains.

Special Topics

Green Construction

Our C-Port roof top support products are made from 100 % recycled tires and metals.

Applicable Valves