Manufacturer and Supplier Zurn Industries, LLC

Zurn Industries, LLC
5226 Moyer Road
Pipersville, PA 18947

Phone: (215) 801-0444

Zurn Industries markets and manufactures roof/floor drains, interceptors, cleanouts, water closet carriers, hydrants, trench drain systems, flush valves, faucets, tubular brass supplies, commercial fixtures, pressure balancing mixing valves, backflow preventers, pressure regulators, corrosive waste drainage systems, pex potable water systems and radiant heat systems.

Special Topics

Green Construction

Zurn has a complete line of water conserving products including fixtures and flushvalves.

Available Materials For Piping Systems

Polypropylene (PP) Pipe

Available Joining Methods

Available Hangers and Supports

Applicable Valves

Applicable Specialty Items