Manufacturer and Supplier T-Drill Industries, Inc.

T-Drill Industries, Inc.
1740 Corporate Drive
Norcross, GA 30312

Phone: (770) 381-4463

T-DRILL is the world-class supplier of tube and pipe fabrication solutions. T-DRILL machinery consists of both industrial solutions for several customer segments as well as portable solutions for mechanical contractors and plumbers. 

One of T-DRILL’s cornerstones is the ability to foresee customers’ needs and supply the right machine tools for their purposes. Supplying the right tools means that the special features of the tools meet the customers’ special needs – a hand-operated machine tool for smaller purposes or an entire production line as a complete solution for industry.

T-DRILL works closely with its customers to ensure these needs are met in full. The world-class T-DRILL technologies, high-quality products, after-sales, customer support and our own product development together with the decades of knowledge and experience are all matters that give competitive advantage to the customer.

The customers are involved in the process and together we build up the best solutions. The customer can rely on us – there’s always support available and the customer’s productivity is a common interest for us.

In short, the T-DRILL family of professionals helps their customers to increase their productivity by offering a long-lasting advantage and edge.