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ASC Engineered Solutions
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Exeter, NH 03833

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ASC Engineered Solutions is defined by quality-in its products, services and support. With more than 1,400 employees, the company's portfolio of precision-engineered piping support, valves and connections provides products to more than 4,000 customers across industries, such as mechanical, industrial, fire protection, oil and gas, and commercial and residential construction. Its portfolio of leading brands includes ABZ Valve®, AFCON®, Anvil®, Anvil EPS, Anvil Services, Basic-PSA, Beck®, Catawissa, Cooplet®, FlexHead®, FPPI®, Gruvlok®, J.B. Smith, Merit®, North Alabama Pipe, Quadrant®, SCI®, Sharpe®, SlideLOK®, SPF® and SprinkFLEX®. With headquarters in Commerce, CA, and Exeter, NH.

Special Topics

Green Construction

Anvil International is committed to our customers, employees and our industry community to be an enviromental concious company.  We are dedicated to producing quality products in a responsible manner.  Most of our products are and have been produced using recycled material for quite some time.


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Cast Iron Soil Pipe

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