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ANVIL International
2 Holland Way
Exeter, NH 03833

Phone: (603) 422-8000
Fax: (303) 551-7141 (J. Martin Denver Office)

Anvil International offers a full line of domestically-produced iron fittings, steel nipples, forged steel fittings and more, along with the most complete selection of engineered and commodity pipe hangers and supports for virtually every application. Anvil's Gruvlok® Grooved Piping System offers unique alternatives for both grooved and plain-end steel or copper pipe. Anvil also offers a Design and Take off  Service for contractors to asist them in creating hybrid systems for the best design of a "mechanical room" piping system in our competitive world today.

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Green Construction

Anvil International is committed to our customers, employees and our industry community to be an enviromental concious company.  We are dedicated to producing quality products in a responsible manner.  Most of our products are and have been produced using recycled material for quite some time.


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