Joining Method Solder

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Soldering copper pipe, or “sweating” as it is called in the trades, joins the pipe by melting a metal alloy between metal pieces to create a fused joint. Flux, a paste applied to copper pipes and fittings before soldering, helps the fusion process and prevents oxidation. Prior to soldering joints, tubing should be severed with a tube cutter and all burrs removed. The outside of the tubing and the inside fitting should be cleaned to bright metal with a medium-grade emery cloth or sandpaper. Flux must be evenly applied with a brush to the outside tubing and inside fitting. The fitting should be slipped onto the tubing and twisted to distribute the flux. The joint should be soldered immediately before moisture (which could later cause corrosion) collects in the flux. The joint should be heated evenly, filled with the specified solder, and the excess removed by wet towel or other wiping methods.

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