Fitting Elbow

Image provided by Victaulic

Elbows are used in piping systems to provide a change of direction. Elbows can be shaped to any angle needed although the most common elbows used are 90°, 45°, 22 ½°, and 11 ¼°. Elbows are typically offered as standard (1-D) or long radius (1 ½-D) bends. Elbows are manufactured with grooved, flanged, welded or threaded ends.

Elbows are most commonly cast of ductile iron or steel.  Fittings can also be fabricated (also called segmentally welded or “lobster backs”) from straight steel pipe for custom angles.

Critical dimensions for elbows are the size (diameter) and the center-to-end (C-E).  The C-E represents the radius of the bend and the respective centerline offsets and cut-out dimensions for the fittings.

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